Access Control Systems in Hull

Gain precise control over property access in Hull with our advanced access control systems, ensuring heightened security and peace of mind. Our tailored solutions, ranging from keypads to state-of-the-art biometric systems, provide a secure environment by allowing only authorized entries and thwarting unauthorized access.

Access Control Intercom

Increased Efficiency

Do you need an efficient means to manage location access? Our expertise in Hull offers comprehensive access control systems, ensuring control over who enters, whether by foot, vehicle, or other modes.

Tailored Access

Access control systems provide tailored access, covering both premises and external spaces like car parks. Utilizing programmed access cards allows precise control over areas individuals can enter, enhancing security and efficiency.

Improved Security

Access control systems track entry and exit, enhancing security by maintaining a log of movements. Beyond safety, they offer insights into location usage, such as peak times for accessing and leaving car parks.

Design and Installation of Access Control Systems

Here at Cobra Fire and Security we always make sure that we are up to date with the latest developments in technology by being accredited by SSAIB. We also know, thorough our many years of experience, what works most efficiently in any given scenario.

It’s why every access control system we design is created specifically for that client. No two premises or locations are used in exactly the same way.

We integrate our access control systems into other security systems which may already be on site. Systems such as CCTV, electronic gates or barriers, number plate recognition cameras, turnstiles, fire and alarm management systems, building management systems, and personnel management systems (recording attendance, time logs, etc).

Once we understand your requirements, we provide you with options, design the perfect system for you, and install it with minimum disruption to your operations.

A paxton access control intercom unit lit up at night

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