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Being based in Yorkshire means that our clients are both urban and rural. Like most industries agriculture is using advanced technology with farming tools becoming more complex and more desirable for thieves. Farmers have observed a recent increased in tractor-breaks and theft of equipment. Sat Nav systems, GPS and onboard equipment are expensive and vital to farming, with limited media coverage, the shocking increase in thefts is damaging the farming community. Loss of such items can bring a farm inoperable until they can be replaced. By optimizing your farm security you become more secure and have that peace of mind.

As a reputable Farm Security Service, we can help.

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Top tips:
  • Where possible remove such equipment

  • Add battery operated alarms to removable items

  • Mark or engrave removable property for future tracking

  • Log and photograph serial numbers

  • Lock machinery away at night

  • Install hard to remove brackets to these items

Cobra Solutions:

We’re able to offer you cost-effective security solutions for your farm particularly in areas where equipment, fuel or chemicals are stored. It is advisable to consider:

Systems individually tailored to each farm, estate or smallholdings. A risk assessment of problematic areas. A range of detection systems and how to integrate and update with your existing systems. There are many options to consider which we can guide you through:

  • Video technology to monitor and manage operations.
  • ColorVu technology can improve visibility over night
  • Intruder detection.
  • Solar powered thermal camera kits for remote areas.
  • Livestock monitoring to detect abnormalities in behavioural patterns with 24/7 live stream.
  • Effective perimeter systems.
  • CCTV with alarms, sirens, beacons or lighting
  • Mobile apps linking all technology together
  • Remote monitoring from home or field.
  • Systems that alert the local authority.
  • Portable, Buried Security Kits – cameras and underground motion detectors. With a weatherproof and foolproof system.
  • Permanent Buried Intruder Systems – ideal for remote yards or storage areas that may not have staff on-site over night. Staff can be alerted to respond.
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  • Quality –

    We recognise quality and know our customers do too. We only use quality products and systems which are thoroughly tested and guaranteed to do their job.

  • Bespoke design –

    every system is carefully designed and every customer is provided with a detailed system design proposal so that they know what is being propsed.

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