Fire Alarms in Hull

With a dedicated commitment to safety and security, we specialise in top-tier fire alarms tailored to meet the unique needs of Hull residents and businesses.

A fire alarm system in a workplace
Ignite Safety with Reliable Fire Alarm Solutions

The Crucial Advantages of Fire Alarm System

Be Compliant

Having a fire alarm system not only ensures safety but also aids in compliance with current safety standards. It’s crucial to adhere to regulations such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, particularly for businesses and non-domestic premises. This legislation mandates the installation and regular maintenance of fire detection systems, ensuring the safety of all occupants. Additionally, fire alarm systems should align with British Standard BS 5839.

Peace of Mind

Implementing a fire alarm system goes beyond the physical installation; it instills a profound sense of peace of mind. Knowing that your property is safeguarded by an efficient fire alarm system offers an immeasurable sense of reassurance. It’s not merely about the presence of the system but also the confidence it inspires. This confidence stems from the early detection capability of the alarms, enabling a swift response to potential threats. The timely warning provided by these systems allows for proactive action, potentially preventing significant damage and, most importantly, protecting lives.

Fulfilling Essential Insurance Requirements

Installing a fire alarm system is not just a safety measure but also a critical component in meeting insurance requirements for many properties. Insurers often mandate the presence of functional fire alarm systems as a prerequisite for coverage. By having a comprehensive fire alarm system in place, property owners demonstrate their commitment to minimising the risks associated with fire incidents.

Safeguarding Hull’s Premises with Fire Alarm Solutions for Complete Safety and Security

At Cobra Fire and Security, we prioritize the safety of Hull, East Yorkshire, with our comprehensive fire alarm solutions. Our expert team specializes in the installation of state-of-the-art fire alarms, ensuring that your residential or commercial property is equipped with top-tier safety measures. We understand the critical importance of efficient fire alarm systems in safeguarding lives and assets, which is why our services go beyond mere installation. We offer tailored maintenance programs that guarantee your fire alarms remain in optimal working condition, providing continuous protection for your peace of mind. From routine inspections to emergency repairs, our commitment extends to comprehensive fire alarm maintenance, assuring that your system functions flawlessly when it matters most.

Do I need a Fire Alarm?

Without a doubt, having a fire alarm system is a non-negotiable aspect for ensuring the safety and security of any property, be it a residential dwelling or a commercial establishment. These systems serve as the first line of defense, offering crucial early warning in the event of a fire.

  • Early Warning
  • Legal Compliance
  • Property Protection
  • Insurance Obligations
  • Peace of Mind
Engineer testing a device smoke detector on a celing as part of a fire alarm maintenance

46 per cent of fires were from a cooking appliance


39 per cent of battery powered smoke alarms failed to operate


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation

Glowing Testimonials from Our Valued Hull Customers

Our customers in Hull consistently commend our fire alarm services, expressing satisfaction and sharing positive experiences about the safety and security we provide.

“Pleasure meeting Mike! Did fantastic job, left no mess and took time to explain all the system clearly.
Very reassuring having this fitted.
Would highly recommend”

Claire Walker

“I would certainly use this company again. He came out quickly to us and was on time . He left no mess . The service he provided was really good value”

Gill Campbell

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