Keep Your Security Running in the heat


Installing an outdoor alarm security system, such as CCTV cameras or an intruder alarm, around your property is definitely a great investment. Not only will it allow you to constantly check up on your property even when you’re not at home via your smart device, but it can also be an effective visual deterrent to intruders. Furthermore, an outdoor security system and cameras installed in your garden let parents keep a watchful eye on their kids playing outside in the hot weather.
Something to think about with the constant changing weather (particularly the weather we are having this summer) is that outdoor security systems are outdoors 24/7, exposed to the elements and to different weather conditions all the time.

The current UK heatwave

With temperatures set to soar into the high 30s this summer, it will definitely be quite hot and dry at times. Because there is a lack of moisture in the air and on the ground, dust can end up collecting on your outdoor security cameras or alarm devices with just a gentle breeze. Plus, the low humidity means spiders, mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects become more active, so your cameras can soon become covered in webs. And as we are aware, too many cobwebs floating in front of an alarm detector can set the system off, causing false calls to monitored alarms, and you don’t really want your alarm system to set off in the middle of the night because of spiders within your house.

What can you do?

How can you prevent dust and dead insects from damaging your outdoor cameras and alarms? Easy; just clean the equipment regularly. All you need is a soft-bristled brush and a cloth. As for the creepy crawlers and flyers, you can spray the equipment with insect repellents to prevent spiders and insects from making your outdoor cameras their burial and/or breeding ground. If you are unable to reach your security systems or would like us to give them a good clean, then feel free to get in touch.



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